Gonna Keep Pushing

October 30, 2016

In the journey of starting Red Dirt Roots Radio, I have had several people attempt to convince me that doing this is a waste of time.

The reasons have varied, but still they have presented their case as to why it can’t be done and why I shouldn’t waste my time.

The latest episode came when someone kept trying to convince me that there is no money in the music industry anymore. As the conversation went on, it felt as though they were trying to convince me that their idea for a business was a much more viable and lucrative option. It may be true…but my passion is where and what it is…and it ain’t what you’re pushing.

So yeah…I get it…you don’t think it’s a good idea…that’s fine. I like what I’m doing! I like why I’m doing it!

I LOVE music…of all kinds. It doesn’t matter what kind of music I venture into…I ALWAYS come back to Country.

It’s where my heart is!

So…despite the naysayers…we will keep on pushing!

Watch us grow!

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