Melodic Therapy


On this station, you’ll find talented artists

from all over the United States and

Canada that fit the mold of the Red Dirt

state of Mind. That’s a genre of country,

gritty Texas rock, southern soul and


The majority of artists on this station

are Independent singers,

and songwriters with a passion for

building music from the ground up while

maintaining country roots, and honoring

the core values and  strengths that made

our nation strong back then and yet

stronger today.

Enjoy this great  music !

Help spread the word on powerful

Artists like;

Wade Bowen, Aaron Watson, Blake Reid

and so many more.

Let’s get back to country!

one person, one family, and one

song at a time!

Red Dirt Roots Radio;

Music with the roots DEEP in the Red Dirt.



Meet Jeri James, (JJ, Morning Cup Host and Live DJ, 5 days a week, Monday-Friday 5-8am Pacific. )

This station originated out of Conroe, Texas by Jimmy Eldridge and friend of the station Joel Johnson, American Crossroads Radio.

This station is now broadcasting out of Cottage Grove, Oregon; music spinning, compliments of The James Family; Brian, Jeri and kids.


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      Hi Tom,
      An artist can send an MP3 or Wav music file to; The music will go through a review process and a response will come back via email. If the content is fitting, the new tune will be placed in rotation!
      Thank you for your inquiry!


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