Music with a Pulse

From the Red Dirt and Beyond


RDRR originated out of Conroe, Texas . Red Dirt Roots Radio is now a North West Based Company, owned and operated by the James Family, (Jeri James) out of the beautiful state of Oregon.

It’s a shot in the dark…or maybe in the light…but hey…

Guess What? The Little Station that could …still CAN!

After much consideration; there is just no way I can give up on this thing folks!

Currently, the station is only running 8 hours a day, 6 days a week but you gotta admit; it

is alive and kicking!

You get knocked down !  sometimes you even flatline!

But it aint over yet!!!


And the station can run 24:7 with some dedication.

There is still a ton of work to be done to keep the Red Dirt Indie Music pumping from this


I’m willing to GO LIVE again for morning coverage, Dirt Hurt Tuesdays , as well as  cover

artist Spotlights and interviews;  promote small businesses, new singles and albums,

and MORE;

If  only I can  get support  from our listener base and our musicians!


You have not , cause you ask not sometimes…so…

I am asking  for 100 friends to commit to 5.00 per month for 12 months.

If you’re in, please retweet this message with #in . Once I have 100 friends committed ,

I will go Live  and We’ll celebrate with some brand new Indie music and a special

request hour!

Lets get this Local motive cranking again!!!!!




you’re in! You’re name will be posted as Red Dirt Crew members on ! Thanks Street teamers!