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Band Talk with JJ!


These Segments will Rebroadcast 3x per day, Saturday to Saturday!

Each Week,  New Band Talk Coverage Released!

-Live DJ


7-8 a.m. (pacific)

We are on Facebook! @grittyredguitar, Instagram at reddirtrootsradio

and @reddirtrootstx!

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Saturday’s at 10am Pacific:

Neon Music Country Legacy

with Randy Moore,

Nashville, Tennesee

We are a National Webcast!

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Jeffries Family Coffee!

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Music Talk; with JJ


-Meet the Artists, Meet  the Author’s!

Oklahoma, Texas, and Beyond!

We’ve got the scoop on

Local Country Too!

Gritty Roots Music ;

keeping Country COUNTRY

The Red Dirt state of Mind.

– Texas rock,

-Southern Soul,

-Americana, Cajun, blend!

Most of the artists

on this platform

are Independent, yet not all.

Many of these folks are

passing on the traditions

of  value and belief’s

that with-stand

the test of time.

We won’t forget! 

The  legends

Those that broke ground

in traditional Country Music.

Enjoy the Tunes!

Spread the Word on the Red Dirt!

-Jon Wolfe

-Aaron Watson

-Blake Reid

-Cody Jinks

-Presley Phillips

(just to name a few)

Powerful Tunes !

Roots Music !

Steel Drivers, Whiskey Meyers

Classics Like Willie,

Waylon , Merle and Cash

Need I say more?

Let’s get back to country!

Right here in the Great North West!

Red Dirt Roots Radio;

Music with the roots DEEP in the Red Dirt.


This station originated out of Conroe,
Texas by Jimmy Eldridge and friend of the station
Joel Johnson, American Crossroads Radio.
This station is now broadcasting out of Cottage Grove,
Oregon; music spinning, compliments of The James Family;
Brian, Jeri and kids.

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Licensed through Sound Exchange, SESAC, ASCAP, BMI,

and Library of Congress.

Questions or Inquiries:


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    • reddirtrootsradio

      Hi Tom,
      An artist can send an MP3 or Wav music file to; The music will go through a review process and a response will come back via email. If the content is fitting, the new tune will be placed in rotation!
      Thank you for your inquiry!


    • reddirtrootsradio

      Thank you! I think Aaron is doing a great job supporting the singer/songwriter’s as they take their first Bambi steps on Ice as well as helping them to develop and merge into the musical peeps they hope to be one day! Thank you for taking the time to reach out and comment; it means so much to read positive feedback on our page!

    • reddirtrootsradio

      Excellent! Thank you ! They are really great and I love the tee’s they sent my way! Super cozy!

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