The Little Station that could, can and Will!!!


The James Family: Independently owned

Operating out of the Great North West

Bringing Honor to Roots Music

Jeri James:Owner/operator/dj/host


Anonymous; from California

Stan Matthews of Massachussettes

-A. Alico; Author of America’s 84 Street Boys: Sponsor


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Yes, Sir…Yes, M’am…that means You! Do you have a product; home business, song, Album, event or book you would like to shout from the rooftops on a soap box? Well I have a summer rate for you!

1. $100 one time fee to outsource /build your ad with professional voice personality with over 34 years experience in radio broadcasting 

2. $100 for 28 days =5 spins per day! 

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 -JJ today 5 days a week!!!!

-Mon-Fri 7-9am CST!!! 

-rebroadcasting each day 4pm-6pm CST


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Well, you just never know, so keep your websites up and fresh with the who , what , when, where, why- how background and music links in case I, JJ decide to shine it bright on ya!!!! Music Commentary built on web based information gathered by Jeri James.

Thursday segments at 6 & 10amCST 2, 6, &10pm CST

Mack Minute to follow!!!!! 

Red Dirt Raw Band Talk

Next Up: Sim Balkey July 28th! 1pm CST

Let us have a behind the scenes look at the lives of these artists. Let us get on the phone and hear from them. Let us hang out and open up a bit about what it takes as an artist to really get the music going!!!! 

Well Said Series 

Writer’s , Author’s platform. Talk about your book, blog, songs, poetry, events, and background. Much like Red Dirt Raw Band Talk only an inside look at the lives of Indie Artists, publishers and even big wigs and top executives. The sky is the limit when you have an open field.



Real Country Countdown will be re-broadcasting on Thursday nights at 6pm. Be sure to catch the clip as the Saturday and Sunday re-broadcasts are no longer available . However; you can follow  

information on Jimmy’s available podcast.


Support is appreciated more than you know…

In January, Jeri started covering the Artist Spotlight segments on Red Dirt Roots Radio. Eventually Jimmy E. had a change of plans and had to move on from the radio station. Jeri James was offered a great  opportunity as the new owner/operator of the project.

Gladly accepting,  with  good pleasure of a job she knew she  truly loved; she has been running RDRR since around the 1st of March. Learning the software programming ; tools and hands on training; has been a day and night commitment. Listenership rose by more than a thousand since the Morning Cup and Friday Why Not Shows were implemented along with Artist Spotlight 5 days a week. Not to mention A. Alico , Author out of Queen’s New York had gotten behind the work with 2 months of sponsorship in which Licensing for the station was afforded. Red Dirts can no longer be considered “hobbyist” with numbers rising. This is all good news.

Support is appreciated ~! Thank You for keeping these Red Dirt Musicians spinning!!!


*station license: Sound Exchange – ASCAP-LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

Sesac, BMI pending in progress . last updated  5/24/2017