Not assuming the Horse had a name…

September 10, 2018
Jeri James Music

September 10, 2018

Monday Morning ReCap

Not to assume the Horse had a name to begin with…

Good Morning! This is Jeri James , with Red Dirt Roots Radio , and I do thank you for tuning in to the Little Station that could. We are  broadcasting out of the beautiful and great Northwest, compliments of The James Family and friends of this station! 

We are playing Real Texas Country, Red Dirt with Roots running deep in the heart of the Long Horn state and beyond. It is Monday and I hope you got your coffee on to help you get rid of your “Tall City Blues” as Flatland Calvary would sing it ; and they don’t care if your collar is white or blue!  These Humble folks are still draining glasses and making toasts and we are too, at least with Coffee on a rainy Monday,  right here in Oregon. 

 I’ve got the Morning Cup ReCap and I’ve got the Low Down on some of the best music around!

You may have heard of the gritty  Atlanta Quintet band Blackberry smoke singing songs like ‘Sunrise in Texas ‘here on this station and as the sounds resonate, you wonder  what exactly it would it take  to get yourself a well established band and vocals. Try “thousands of miles abroad America’s highways, and “Always being on the move.” 

If you purchase any number of black berry Albums , you may be curious about how  they create and gather some their authentic,  original tunes . Let’s dig a little deeper into their thinking process. According to stated in their bio, a couple of these well seasoned writers collaborated together and found common enough ground to agree saying “We both led wild lives throughout our 20s and some of our 30s, doing similar types of bad things; And we laugh about it now. And we were talking about writing a song about that idea: Who he is now and what he might have learned – and maybe what he didn’t. The yin and the yang of the young and old man they say. If I’m not mistaken these are the guys that play like a 150 shows per year and have been over the road for a good 20 years. Any 2018 production from this name would be wise to add to your collection and a good place to start, if you haven’t already stocked your Black Berry Smoke collection. If you’re behind on great artists like these, I’ll bring you up to speed! So have no worry, fear or tear because these guys- show no signs of stopping!

From the Oldy wardrobe ; I shake the dust off a 1972 classic rock production Horse With no name. I was rummaging through the Archives like usual and I came across a clip of AJ,  singing accapella on this old Desert tune. 

Here is  what I want to know from you…Do you ever wonder about the story behind a song? Some things just get stuck in my head from when I was little. It’s easy to completely forget an event, a person , or a thought but when prompted with an old tune, memories will come flooding back in. Mine took place in the back of an ugly, V8 station wagon from the 80’s where my Dad played KLSY continuously as I looked out the window and counted Telephone poles on the way down to the Capital Restaurant . 

This all took place in small town up north called Shelton, blink and you’ll miss it. At this little cafe, wouldn’t you know he liked to drink enormous amounts of coffee and fill notebooks with his writing. For  at least 7 straight years, I  heard songs  and thoughts that would whirl around my imagination and perhaps that’s why I love Radio today. In my mind I didn’t need a tune to  bear much fact; as long as it left me with a colorful picture to ponder . 

Besides the fact that in the desert you can’t remember your name, could you ever forget a melody like La , la , la la  , la , la , la, la, la, la. Not me, and that’s the hook on  these Airforce brats originating out of the Uk , yet named America.  

When it’s heads or “tales” on a band; be sure to stick to heads or you could end up on the back side of  assuming! You know what that does to you and me and a Kansas City radio station  banned this particular tune assuming  Horse with No Name was making reference to Heroin or drug Use. The guys defended themselves on saying “It just felt good to escape the every day life in the city.” 

Loving nature for them brought up the familiar thought of the desert life. “

And there you have it. This has been another edition of the Morning Cup ReCap and I thank you for tuning in toThe Little Station That Could. 

I want to remind you, tomorrow you have a meeting to attend if you’re listening to this station! Yep, that’s right, we go to meetings around here and one of the ways we deal with our negativity is by letting it go with Music!!! On Tuesday mornings, we listen  to sad, sad, tunes on the Dirt Hurt Show. Beginning at 5 am; you can get all your crying and belly aching out with classic  wailing tunes from Hank, Willy, and Cash and everything up to Modern 2018 Country…that’s real Country music therapy , happening tomorrow on the Morning Cup, Dirt Hurt Tuesday with me JJ!

Be sure to tune in and share us if you like! 

Thank you, And have a great day!


(Jeri James, Morning Cup and Red Dirt Host and Owner)

Red Dirt Raw Band Talk : Bad Habits can take the band down

August 31, 2018
Jeri James Music

Friday, August 31, 2018

Hi there, Jeri James with Red Dirt Raw Band Talk and today’s Recap of the Morning Cup. 

How does the snooze button work for or against you? To me it’s like a high interest charge card, a disadvantage! 

We played some great tunes from the start of the show like ‘Honey Pain by Koe Wetzel: East Texas Rock and Roll stule music, as well as songs like Moon and Back by the Read Southell Band. 

We heard from a band called Southern Sky and I was not able to find much information in terms of back ground on the band ; so I was thinking they may not be well established or at least not yet. However,  Guys like these just need to stick with it because they’re too good not to! Or as Dirt Hurt Stephen says “Grind it Out!”

They got something-  but they have to stay in the loop, and keep on keeping’ on! 

 It can be tough to keep a band together. Especially when you mix talent and bad habits. Those habits really can take a band down , no matter how talented!  Creating a standard as a band could be the saving grace of the musical name and game! 

Red Dirt Raw Band Talk says don’t be afraid to draw the line! Create a standard! Boundaries are not to be despised and you’re no stick in the mud! Artist AaronWatson created a standard : No drinking on the tour bus! Another standard he created according to Lonestar Music Magazine is to put family first! He says “I only have 18 years with these kids and I can play all the shows I need to when they’re moved out but until then,  he will be keeping mama and the babies first in line ; while playing 150 shows per year, working his band members part time and paying them full time wages! Heres a man to pattern after! Wow!  Impressive ; yet is it any surprise that a giving guy like Aaron not only beat the Indie music oppression with his latest Wild Horses , now playing in the Main stream??? Wait ago Aaron! 

Talking about Marines and their Attention to Detail; Do they have to be in the band or a singer , songwriter to give or offer advice? Well, not exactly! Nor  do they have to carry a tune in a bucket but their attention to detail could really benefit you!!! 

Be willing to take advice from the people in your life that really care about your career as a musician. Use that criticism constructively! 

You  say , “Well  isn’t that what management and a label are  for ?”  Well sure, but a label will not even give the time of day if the basic music 101 practices are not in place. So you can start doing the work yourself or continue on your own all along til the end of the line,  if your prefer but you have to work hard and pay close attention to the cracks and crevices that could later sink your career. So I urge you; raise the standard today and you’ll run face first into success. 

Due Reverence and Patriotic Corner;

A new artist to the station and welcome aboard Mr. Cody Sparks, with your gorgeous new tune 13 folds.  I so appreciate your contribution of heart and soul on your sleeve for those who serve including my own daughter in the the Marine Corp; as well as my hubby.  Could I dare forget to say, Semper Fi? Never and thank you no matter what branch if you served or are serving!

We love  a little Trace Atkins because of so many of his tribute tunes. Mr. Atkins is a commercial artist and we are independent; is this a mistake? Nope! Yes it  is true that we try to focus on the young indie bands and musicians but when I play commercial tunes; Trace  will always have a place on my list any day. 

Hey good Lookin’ Recipes? 

Leave your dinner idea or dessert for tonight in the comments! 

Have a good one and be safe this Labor Day!!! 

Jeri James 

(JJ) Red Dirt Host, Owner, Operator 

Passion in the Poetry

January 7, 2022
Jeri James Music

by Jeri James

I can’t leave it if I try. I’m hopelessly addicted to the phrases, the stanza’s, the rhyme.

I want to feel things. I want to write about it. I want to assign a melody to a theme. I have tried to hang it up and walk away. I needed to focus on logic and general management. I felt that the art was a stumbling block. I felt that it was a detour, a childish toy. I screamed at it. I tried to scare it off. No more scraps…no more attention…NO. MORE.

I woke up from that bad dream , only to find the music and poetry lying faithfully, loyally at my feet. Like a guardian. Like an assignment. I knew I could never scare this stray away. The art is bigger than I am. If I cop an attitude, it will turn its very back on me and stonewall me for a half a night. If I’m prideful, the poetry will throw a root wad under my step and break my stride. If I am contrite and careful…if I am hopeful…my wild lyric will return and happen along the supernatural fence line. I hold out a gentle palm and the art will nibble at my finger tips. I remove my shoes and music leads me along a chattering brook, filled with clues to my next song.

I am a song writer and a story teller . For that proclamation, I will choose to embrace any gift in me for the betterment of others. I choose this day, a grateful heart and expectancy. I pray my pen produces food for your smile, sparkles for your eyes, and the heart of imagination; to even to the most bland and mundane sort .

Rocket Man is 70ish!

April 1, 2019
Jeri James Music

BandtalkwithJJThis week on Band Talk with JJ we explore five Red Dirt Country Artists and dip down to the gritty, Classic Roots of the Past with Guy Clark. Cody Jinks started out in a Bar Room with just a few chords and friends  and ended up 21,000 Flocker fans and counting. Adam Hood writes his tunes, plays them too , and keeps his family life in check with love and gratitude for the ones standing behind him in all of his musical endeavors.

Travis Meadows works out the  issues through day to day living and teaching all of us to be ok with who we are and through his lyrics , we glean an understanding of what it is  to “keep it together while we fall apart.”

We visit the South Side of Heaven and find an air stream trailer with a young man by the name of Ryan Bingham. There he  searches  his heart and soul for the right  melodies and words from songs like The Weary King  that might even set the captive free.

Tuesday, at 12:30pm Pacific, we’ll go LIVE on for some Band Talk with the actual artist Adam Hood. On Thursday, we we will meet a brand new Red Dirt Artist from East Texas by the name of Marshall Purvis. Stay in the loop on social Media! @grittyredguitar on fb , reddirtrootstx on and reddirtrootsradio on Insta.

Hope your week is great and I ain’t even lying! (No April Fools)


-Jeri James


Hi Ho Rita!

March 23, 2019
Jeri James Music

This week in the Red Dirt, have we got a treat for you my friend, listeners,  fans of Real Country!

                          Hi Ho Rita!

He’s Singin’ “My Senorita ! “

It’s the  fiercely independent and hard working husband, Father, and man of music Jordan Robert Kirk. Along with the emerging and North West touring Brent Lowry singing That’s Life and need I say more, with Mirror Mirror on the wall, Tuggin’  on your Heartstrings Randy King! The Steel Woods released their sophomore Album and if you’re not moved by a Southern Accent, sliding into Home base;  is none other than  the legendary Merle Haggard. Are the good times really over for good?

I think not.

Country Music is waking up with vision renewed.

Catch this 1 hour commentary with Jeri James talking to  the musicians over a recorded line, with the artist as they stop by to talk about their journey on the musical road. The first broadcast will begin tonight at 7pm Pacific and will then rebroadcast there after, until next Saturday, three times per day! 8am, 12pm, and 6pm on

Spread the word on real country with a Red Dirt State of mind!!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 5.32.07 PM   IMG_1182


What is Red Dirt Roots Radio?

January 2, 2019
Jeri James Music

Hi everyone. If you’re reading this I want to tell you about my little radio show, that I’m  hosting 5 days a week. I produce a live segment between 5-8am.  (Pacific)

Right here from this little studio;  I get behind the mic and talk everything music, while spinning hundreds of original songs from artists all over the USA, stretching past the Northern borders, into Canada. This is a legit, online, web, radio station and tuning in is easy!
Just go to and right there you can sample some of the music we love, as a station.

A lot of our music comes from Texas and Oklahoma, home of the original “Red Dirt” Title; Yet– we are not limited to that region. The Genre Red Dirt is a hybrid of Country, Texas Rock, Southern Soul, Americana and Roots music. We do play Some of the old Classics , but mostly new, emerging, or developing artists.

Singer, Songwriters like to try out their “stuff” with our audience. I myself am a singer/Songwriter and I love to create and share melodies and lyrics together, that tell my story or give my sense of perspective on life. Music has been a long, standing passion for me; not necessarily for the purpose of getting discovered and becoming famous, but rather and more so; for the love of the art and craft itself.


No Morning Cup Re-Cap today

November 26, 2018
Jeri James Music

A bit under the weather perhaps to put it mildly. The Morning Cup was barely scooting along all 3 hours with One Dee jay and no back up for sick days. So, Unfortunately, there will be no Re-Cap for those of you following but we will keep you in the loop as we journey along through this week with a modified schedule based on resources. Stay tuned for continued great music on !

Are The Good Times Really Over and How do You make your Turkey Gravy?

November 21, 2018
Jeri James Music

Well good morning to you on a Wednesday Nov. 21, 2018. Thanksgiving tomorrow! where did that come from? Man o man do the days goes by. This means the year is already closing in on us  and that went by quick at least for me.  Life is a fast moving train and hopefully I’ll catch on sooner or later. Concerning the times ;

Stop rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell

Stand up for the flag and let’s all ring the liberty bell

Let’s make a Ford and a Chevy

That would still last ten years like they should

‘Cause the best of the free life is still yet to come

And the good times ain’t over for good

Merle Haggard at one time was concerned the good days were over. He was worried when the microwave oven came into play and he mentioned women not wanting to get in there and cook anymore. Oh man oh man; that would be a crying shame ;  especially with tomorrow being turkey day. You know one year and I can testify; I found myself in a dysfunctional kitchen with at least 5 other ladies and there was a pecking order when it was time to prepare the turkey gravy . To each his own and let me tell you; every woman present,  thought she knew best. So lets break up the brawl ladies and men if you please , and join forces! I’d love to hear in the comments below how you prepare your turkey gravy. Tim; from Southern California says “don’t stop stirring or it will be lumpy” and he says “chop the giblets and throw em in there too.” Thank you Tim not only for listening to the Morning Cup 5 days a week but for telling the world how to make a better turkey gravy.

Let me tell you ; between all the new music and emerging artists on Red Dirt Roots Radio; I have a feeling in me as though I just ate a satisfying plate of Thanksgiving dinner. This year I’m not only excited for pie but I can say that I am blessed and thankful to be a part of the independent music industry out there ; packed full of powerful songs and powerful people. If you haven’t listened to our platform ; I feel sad that you’re missing out and I want to invite you to listen today on thats web radio 7 days a week with a LIVE  dee Jay  ; thats me Jeri James;  5-8 am Pacific broadcasting live out of the Great Northwest, the beautiful state of Oregon , in the little teeny tiny town of Cottage Grove ; We are the little station that could and we can because of the friends networking together with us. Thanks for making our musical dreams possible and with that I hope you all have a safe and fulfilling holiday. Please don’t forget to post your Turkey Gravy Recipes below!!

May I borrow a Hash Tag Please?

November 15, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there, this is Jeri James with Red Dirt Roots Radio with the Morning Cup . You can call me JJ, you can find me on facebook @grittyredguitar. You can find me on @Reddirtrootstx. I’m also on Instagram and I don’t understand snapchat but I’m trying.

So yeah, do you have a hash tag I can borrow for tomorrow because mentally I can throw a rock at Friday and I already have the feeling in me. So yeah, I celebrated with fantastic coffee , strong enough to float a horse shoe from a Veteran owned, quality company called @BisonUnionCompany. I’m drinking a Ranch Hand blend and if you could fill a pond with this stuff it’s so rich in boyency that I could walk on it the way Jesus walked on Water I think . Um anyway, it’s like a good sized rock to the forehead, it will for sure wake you up inn the morning thats ranch hand coffee from Bison Union company.

We celebrated the feeling in the air with new music. New music from Shane Smith and the Saints hot off the press Mountain Girl and she might stay tuned for a very special release from another favorite on the station Zane Williams releasing his single TOMORROW called Good Man to Have Around. We took a listen to that brand new song but it was so early the birds werent even chirping’ yet next door so if you missed it, have no fear or tear, we’ll debut that tune and give proper show case tomorrow again thats Zane Williams Good Man to have around.

Which there is nothing like a marvelous man and I have one that knows just how to fix a leaky faucet, skin a cat and wD40 a squeaky door. Well, not skin a cat , I’ll leave that to Alabama, for now , honey did you feed the cat?

Well that’s a wrap everything under the sun and then some just for fun a little off subject, yet always right on key, that’s me JJ and you can catch the Live show 5 days a week, right here on Monday through Friday, 5-8 am.

My personal experience as an Artist

November 12, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hi there . My name is Jeri James and I am the Morning cup host and dj for the webcast I have another edition of the Morning Cup Re-Cap to report to you and I thank you for clicking on this post.

First of all , I want to be transparent with you. I am not a news source. I am just a songwriter, singer, mother and housewife that has a passion for the art of music and with the backing and permission of a few, I am able to host this webcast. Anything I say can and will be held against me because of the nature of the generation in which we live. So I feel it necessary to say, my opinions are mine and if I make reference, I will do the best in my ability to site my source. Ultimately, I talk about the things that interest me in  music , in the music industry and in the musicians.

This morning was really interesting to me because I got to talk a little about what its like to step out on a new project not knowing number one what I was getting myself into. Number 2 how much it was going to cost total and number 3  how to trouble shoot the issues I was facing without stalling the progress of the Album release.

When I began building my first album in 2009 I had no idea that it was going to cost our family in excess of about 10,000. The list of expenses was insane and we really couldn’t afford to do what we were doing but we managed to scrimp and save and get the project done with resources that came to us over a 5 year period.

I also had no idea that I was biting off more than I could chew when I crammed 17 songs into one album. Looking back now, I feel like I completely hyper extended myself and my family like an armpit out of joint! Ouch. If I build another album, next go round, I will only have a max of 12 songs on that disc.

Troubleshooting. It seems like the story of my life. If you put me in a pitch black room with articles of clothing, I would naturally step into the light afterwards wearing everything backwards and upside down. And why is that when I drop my buttere toast on the kitchen floor it has to land on the buttered side? I cannot tell you but that is my only certificate from the school of hard knocks, where I learn wisdom  from failing the first go round. People always say, “Smarter , not harder” and I look at them sort of funny because I don’t always know what that means and when in doubt hiring it out was not , is not and will not always be option so I guess I’ll have to stick with slowing down and asking questions as well as continuing to make mistakes along the way. Theres many different ways to cook an egg as there are ways to build an album, so maybe that is why many folks start with just one song at a time. I can recommend that now!

I believe its’ called an Ep and I believe that’s also a wrap withe recap. As Always, thanks for tuning in and y’all have a good one!!!

I have a few albums left if you’re interested…here’s the link.

Support Local or Support Quality, or both!

November 9, 2018
Jeri James Music

In 2014 I celebrated my album debut here in Cottage Grove on 6th street at the Brew Station ; great place by the way and so much respect to the Folks and friends running that business ; Dale , Ernie, Emily just to name a few of their hard workers.. They provided a platform for sharing my Independent album called Pardon my Passion which many of you have purchased copies and thank you so much for your support to our family and endeavors musically.
The Brewstation/Coast Fork Feed
Bison Union Co.
WRCA Working Ranch Cowboys Association

Honor where Honor is Due!

November 2, 2018
Jeri James Music

Hey there , this is Jeri James with Red Dirt Roots Radio, and I have for you the Morning Cup Re-Cap. Here on this station, we play the best of Texas Country, folk rock, Americana, and roots music  also known as Red Dirt.

It’s no ordinary day in the studio. In fact Friday Feeling always deserves a hashtag parked in front of it. So How about a run down of topics we’ve been discussing here on the show  throughout the week.

Back to  Monday , we beat the Meloncholy Long face with a Texas sized  Charlie Horse and let me tell ya, that’ll wake you up in the Morning ; Faces splashed, and revived in no time by a band called Comanche Moon. This group is from Amarillo Texas and let me tell you they took us  Back to the Country picking wild onions and chomping on rabbit Stew with all senses ignited while listening to their latest music from their 2018 album release which you can find on if you like tunes that tell a story alongside a catchy melody, you can find more great music at

On Tuesday we kicked back on a therapeutic Red Couch and bled the wound with sad , sad tunes , a little melodic therapy ; including a song by one of our very own , veteran here in the Grove by the Name of Shawn David.  Shawn Ooh rah and Semper Fi to you, thank you for serving our country ! Our hometown Cottage Grove is blessed to have you as a member of our community   Shawn’s new and latest tune mourns the blues and the bittersweet of loved and lost and he’s one to follow as he develops and progresses musically. You can hear him perform on November 30th and The 1st at Bugsy’s with the Band Most Wanted.  Stay in the loop and here at the station , we’ll do our best to keep you posted on this Country , Red Dirt Artist indeed.

Not only is it my honor and privilege to report to to you a local musical hero but I want to also shout out another local gentleman here in Cottage Grove by the name of Paul Tocco who honors active duty and Veterens in his great restaurant. Many of you may be familiar and even regular customers on Main Street Buster’s cafe. Paul asked me recently to bring in a picture of my daughter who is serving in the United States Marine Corp. when I went down to drop off the 8×10 I took a moment to peek at his collection of photos; all men and women who have served  and are serving  currently. Not only is the food at this place fantastic but I also was impressed to find out that  Veterans and Active Duty Service-members get 20% off their meals on Tuesday, Wed and Thursday  and the 11 The of the month , their meals are absolutely free. That’s right on the 11th of any given month active duty as well as any Veterans eat at Buster’s  cafe free , compliments of Paul Tocco, Buster’s Cafe right here in Cottage Grove Oregon . Thank you Paul for honoring our heroes.

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