Melodic Therapy

It’s no ordinary online Station…

Give it a listen!

 RDRR originated out of Conroe, Texas .

Red Dirt Roots Radio is now
broadcasting out of the Great North West:

Cottage Grove, Oregon

Promoting terrific country music from the ground up; honoring true country roots
from DEEP in the Red Dirt , 

and don’t forget the “gritty stuff”

with  southern rock, edge,  and a little bit a twang.

This great music is delivered  to you with all the necessary components;

replacing auto tune and pitch correct with real content and true talent!

How’s about  barebones and a six string? with a  LIVE ACOUSTIC SET , straight out of the heart of Texas?

Yes Sir, Yes M’am; yes Ladies and Gentleman;

You will hear from Artists like Will Hoge, 

Wade Bowen, Aaron Watson, Turnpike Troubadours, Cody Jinks, Sturgil Stimpson,

and so many more!!!!! 

 And Forget not the Red Dirt Rangers!

The “Red Dirt” Title itself ; came from these guys out in Stillwater, Oklahoma some 30 years ago!

Either way; be sure to tune in and stop by and say Hello!

Classy, with a “little bit a rust” 

 It’s  how we like it here at Red Dirt Roots Radio!!!  

Meet JJ:
(Jeri James )
From a  teeny tiny studio, in a teeny tiny town !

“Do you Love this MUSIC? Let’s Keep it on the Air together! Show your support! 

Looking forward to  GOING  LIVE again this year  for morning coverage, Dirt Hurt Tuesdays , Artist Spotlights and interviews; as well as promotions for  small businesses, new singles,  Indie Authors/books, and so much MORE!emails inquiry:



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    • reddirtrootsradio

      Hi Tom,
      An artist can send an MP3 or Wav music file to; The music will go through a review process and a response will come back via email. If the content is fitting, the new tune will be placed in rotation!
      Thank you for your inquiry!


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